I believe in infinite possibilities for good and for bad.    It is up to us, as individuals and as a society to decide what we will focus on and add our life energy to.   Will it be a symphony of love and kindness that we harmonize with?   Or, maybe the tune we are adding to is the cacophony of fear and hate.   This is a fundamental choice we each make, it is influenced by our personal life experience and by the talking heads of global media, but ultimately we each decide for ourselves what we are going to focus on in our lives.    Is it life affirming?    Is it based on our creative infinite imagination?   Is it based on love and hope?   Is it based on thinking the best of our fellow human brothers and sisters or the worst?   Do you see yourself as part of a ‘tribe’, or as an ‘island’?   These are fundamental life choices which inform everything we do, and also influence the generations which we birth.

I believe it is possible to consciously create an incredible, beautiful, thriving, loving future for our species and all the species we share this spinning, traveling, life giving planet with.   But we have to choose that, work for it, share about it, love it,  believe it.    This is what my life is about and this is what this page is about.   Loving, living, believing, hoping, all the goodness is waiting for us to reach for it.

Acts of kindness and generosity will get the ball rolling for you in your life.   Humans are fed emotionally by giving to others.   I promise, do something sweet for someone else with no expectations and that act will start you on a path of possibility which will feed your deepest Self.

We have so many options, in these days of global communication, on what we want to contribute to.   Maybe it is a school garden where your young children go, or healing a forest ecosystem near you, or beginning an urban 21st century aquaculture and garden community food source, or beginning a Social Benefit Business that is financially sustainable and reduces the impacts of poverty in some fundamental way in your community, maybe it’s supporting young women in developing the math and science skills, maybe it is ……….( you fill in the rest.)   We all know of a need which we could, if we choose, alleviate.

I am not naive to the fact that most people are barely keeping it together to provide shelter, food and education for themselves and their families.    So, at this particular time you may be an opportunity for someone to give, and that is part of the reciprocal nature of giving.   A spiral………of opportunity.   Let’s ride with light hearts this amazing energetic experience that we are lucky enough to be conscious of as sentient modern man.

It is thrilling to ride this wave, isn’t it?

May joy and blessings come your way,     Sister Michelle


Thank you One Community Global for sharing these beautiful images.

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