Carlton Complex Fire 2014, fire disaster recovery, Inspirational culture!!!, methow valley fires 2014, rebuilding community, Stream of consciousness observations

Dancing her love of place, following fire and flood devastation

This beautiful dance of love, healing and place, is a hopeful sign of personal post-disaster recovery.   The artists property burned and flooded last year during the Carlton Complex Fires.   A fire which burned 350 homes and over 200,000 acres in the beautiful Methow and Okanogan River Watersheds.   This sister is an artist, homesteader, craftsperson and dancer.   My hope and wish is that this beautiful poem in movement was healing and nurturing for her.   My thoughts and hope are with her and her partner in their personal loss recovery.   May their gardens grow strong, trees and lands thrive and their hearts and home be filled with love, joy, comfort and renewal…………………………….



If you are moved to support fire/flood recovery in the Methow Valley Washington State you can go to: and donate to a community recovery organization totally devoted to helping their neighbors with the greatest recovery challenges from this disaster.   Every little bit helps.   Be apart of the Giving Circle where everyone is blessed by giving…………………


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