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Bertrand Russell: Philosopher, Historian, Mathematician 1872-1970

B.Russel #1

Bertrand Russell’s philosophical thought and understanding speaks to me at a fundamental level.   A rationalist, agnostic and mathematician who has spoken out fearlessly as a voice of reason and logic on topics which many philosophers and historians fear to tread.   Many times he says exactly what I have been trying to put into words, but could not.    He lived in the 19th and 20th centuries, to the ripe old age of 98.   Experienced the transformation from the industrial revolution to where we are today, a globally connected yet severely challenged human society, struggling to live and function with 7 plus billion people competing for supremacy over resource consumption, societal priorities and belief systems.    Dysfunctional and absolutely exciting at the same time.   Creating our common future with every individual and societal choice we act on, every moment of every day.

I invite you to become more familiar with Bertrand Russell’s thoughts and observations with me, one day, one quote at a time.

Bertrand Russell 1872-1970 Philosopher, Historian

Bertrand Russell 1872-1970 Philosopher, Historian

Here are just a few of Russell’s published works:




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