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Living with Dying, a temporary life chapter which is challenging our personal sharing and caring ethos.

Living with Dying

Living with Dying


A dear friend has chosen to come and experience his end of life process on our little homestead here in rural eastern Washington.   It has been a much more personally impactful process then we anticipated when we said ‘Yes, come for the duration.’, but, of course, we wouldn’t want it any other way if this is where D wants to be for transcending into the Mystery.

I wanted to let this community, those interested in the highest good news know why my posts have diminished recently.   Between getting the food garden in and hosting our friend and his family caregivers during these summer days, time for interacting with my digital community and doing research and writing is secondary to the immediate needs and opportunities which are the challenge and gift of living with dying.

We all are learning to live in the present moment, now, like never before.   We never know what experience, emotion or conversation is going to happen ….. now, but as a team of supportive people we are striving to practice kindness, share appreciation, feel love and be patience.

This is not my first time in intimate connection with a loved ones end of life process, but it is the first time to live with the daily pattern of care and experience in my own home space and not be a family member.     That is all for now.    My hope is that soon I will be able to continue my search for all the goodness happening in the world and share it with YOU!!!!    May your summer days be blessed and nurturing…..


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