Cordwood Workshops at Kinstone, Wisconsin 2014

An excellent green building alternative if you have access to small diameter wood and basic building skills. I know many non-builder folks who have successfully completed building their own homes with this method. Nice web presence for this alternative….. check it out.

Cordwood Construction ™

Here is the exciting slate of Cordwood Workshops that are available in Wisconsin this summer (2014).   The site is the beautiful and mesmerizing Kinstone Permaculture Academy near Fountain City, WI, which features a gorgeous cordwood chapel and other natural buildings.

Kinstone cordwood chapel on a sunny spring day the stones are known as the monks

The Directors at Kinstone have made available this new brochure to give interested folks a feel for the comprehensiveness of the site.  If you are interested please click on the following link   http://cordwoodconstruction.org/img/WorkshopsfromMSPublsher2014.pdf

Kinstone workshops brochure 1

Kinstone workshops brochure 2

Kinstone cordwood chapel interiorThe interior of the chapel.

Please call or email Kristine (608-687-3332 or Richard (715-212-2870 ) if you have any questions

Kinstone Academy phone number 608-687-3332

Kinstone Academy email  www.kinstoneacademy.com 

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