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“Solar” Jet fuel made out of thin air

This looks like a technology to keep our eyes on. Economy of scale is a long way off, but the principles are a win win scenario. Capturing carbon dioxide mix with water, heat with concentrated solar energy and the outcome is transportation fuel and freed oxygen molecules. Interesting.


In a significant step towards reducing emissions, European scientists have created the world’s first renewable jet fuel using only sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.

If proved on a larger scale, the process could provide the holy grail of renewable energy by creating an on-demand supply of fuel for planes, cars and other vehicles.


The achievement was announced by researchers in the Solar-Jet project who have spent the past four years creating a solar reactor that uses focused sunlight to heat up metal oxide.

Water and carbon monoxide are then passed into the reactor at 700°C, where they split up and form a synthetic gas composed of hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

‘The basic idea is to reverse the combustion process,’ explained Patrick Le Clercq, who is responsible for the project at the DLR Institute of Combustion Technology in Stuttgart.


‘What we do is take carbon dioxide and water vapour, and introduce…

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