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Policeman Buys Food and Drink for the Needy

I applaud police men who care for the people they are employed to serve. This officer in Albuquerque cares enough to personally share his resources with others with less, what a wonderful example for all of us. A little kindness can change someone’s experience and judgement about their life, and who can know where a change in inner thought can go? We are each a possible catalyst for good, with every interaction we engage in, for ourselves and others. ENGAGE and flourish.

Kindness Blog

Lovely photo captures a cop’s good deed.

Tamas Nadas policeman

A recent power outage at Albuquerque’s Noon Day Center shelter meant no food or drink for the needy waiting outside – until Officer Tamas Nadas stepped in.

Seeing that the patrons would go hungry, he went to McDonald’s buying food and drink for 20 people. Clearly taken aback by the fuss over his kind deed, Nadas explains it felt like the “natural” thing to do to help out.

Regardless of whether he’s in uniform, he adds, “it’s human to human.”

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