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Angels on the Ground

Looks like a wonderful and supportive program for children with challenges. So grateful to all those who give of themselves for the highest good. Thank you for sharing this information and connection opportunity.

Lives of Possibility

12902905073_810e9450d0_o By Kelly Lytle

| Those who work directly with the children and young adults in our programs in Tanzania and Romania are truly some of the most amazing people you could meet. In fact, I’d love to be able to introduce you to them personally! They have a passion for those they work with and a heart for service. Many of them go above and beyond the regular work day to ensure those in their care are living the most meaningful lives they can.

One such “angel on the ground” is Shaeli Urassa, a director of one of the 11 care centers we have in Moshi, Tanzania. Shaeli works full-time to direct the center’s activities and provide care and therapeutic services to the children and youth there. But in addition to that, she is also very active in supporting the program outside of work hours. She participates in all sorts…

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