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Airborne Wind Turbine from Altaeros Energies

This looks like an excellent option for filling our electricity needs in many different circumstances.   It is quick and easy to deploy, suitable for remote locations, emergency or temporary needs such as big construction projects.   I can also visualize a home or neighborhood size turbine capable of meeting community energy needs and increasing our resilience and autonomy as communities.    Looking forward to hearing more from Altaeros Energies once their testing results come in from the Alaska commercial venture they are working on currently.



Altaeros Energies harnesses high altitude winds to deploy low-cost power.


The Technology

The Altaeros Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) leverages proven aerospace technology to lift a wind turbine into the strong, consistent winds beyond the reach of traditional towers.

The completely automated, rapidly deployable system can safely and effectively bring wind power to remote sites that use expensive fossil fuel electricity today.

Customer Benefits

By harnessing stronger winds, and eliminating the logistical challenges of installing traditional renewables in remote areas, the Altaeros BAT drastically reduces the cost of energy in remote communities and at remote industrial sites.

The Company

Altaeros was founded in 2010 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with the mission of deploying the world’s first commercial airborne wind turbine.




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