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Beautiful Trouble, A Toolbox for the Revolution

You may already be familiar with the amazing activist resources available at, but if you aren’t, I encourage all Change makers, activists and visionaries to visit this comprehensive and wonderful resource for movement building and strategic/tactical action taking.    It is filled with creative and powerful examples and suggestions for public engagement for positive change.   I have posted here a copy of their ‘Tactics’ resource page, which is only a small example of the deep pocketed tool box that is available by following the link above.    I am so thankful for this resource and am looking forward to educating myself with all these great creative resources!!!!   If you are interested in being part of the progressive movement for the Highest Good, check it out, you won’t be disappointed……



Specific forms of creative action, such as a flash mob or an occupation.

Advanced leafleting

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To get important information into the right hands.

Artistic vigil

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To mourn the death of a public hero; to link a natural disaster or public tragedy to a political message; to protest the launch of a war.

Banner hang

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To boldly articulate a demand; to rebrand a target; to provide a message frame or larger-than-life caption for an action.


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To physically shut down something bad (a coal mine, the World Trade Organization), to protect something good (a forest, someone’s home), or to make a symbolic statement, such as encircling a target (the White House).

Creative disruption

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To expose and disrupt the public relations efforts of the armed and dangerous. Particularly useful at speeches, hearings, meetings, fundraisers and the like.

Creative petition delivery

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To translate online outcry into offline action; to make mass public opposition unavoidably visible to a campaign target.

Debt strike

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To fight back against financial exploitation when many people are crushed by debt.

Détournement/Culture jamming

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Altering the meaning of a target’s messaging or brand; packaging critical messages as highly contagious media viruses.

Direct action

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To shut things down; to open things up; to pressure a target; to re-imagine what’s possible; to intervene in a system; to empower people; to defend something good; to shine a spotlight on something bad.

Distributed action

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To demonstrate the breadth, diversity and power of a movement; to swarm a large target in diverse locations.

Electoral guerrilla theater

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Running for public office as a creative prank — not to win the election, but to get attention for a radical critique of policy or to sabotage the campaign of a particularly heinous candidate.

Eviction blockade

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To organize a strong show of physical resistance to an unjust eviction; to force a moral confrontation with a system that operates amorally.

Flash mob

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To organize a show of dissent on short notice; to quickly replicate a successful tactic in a dispersed yet coordinated way; to create a shared moment of random kindness and senseless beauty.

Forum theater

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Forum theater is a tool for exploring and rehearsing possible actions that people can take to transform their world. It’s often used both in preparation to taking action and in anti-oppression workshops.

General strike

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To put effective pressure on a corporate or political target by shutting down business as usual; to overcome the challenges of organizing vulnerable workers in isolated sectors.

Guerrilla projection

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To broadcast a message; to frame an action; to rebrand a target; to entertain a crowd.


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To create a momentary illusion that exposes injustice through satirical exaggeration, or that demonstrates how another reality is possible.

Human banner

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To make a single, unified statement with thousands of people.

Identity correction

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To embarrass your target; to correct the public record; to expose corporate malfeasance; to reframe an issue.

Image theater

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To foster dialogue and develop action strategies; to create a compelling public image in a direct action.


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To learn from, expose, or disrupt the meetings of the powerful.

Invisible theater

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To pose a moral dilemma in the midst of everyday life — this can be particularly useful on a topic that people might normally be “too polite” to bring up, such as poverty, racism or homophobia.

Light Brigade

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To broadcast a message through collective action; to frame nighttime actions with a key message; to make creative use of overlooked public spaces.

Mass street action

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To pressure a corporate or government target with a mass of people in the street telling a unified story.


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To undermine your opposition’s narrative by hijacking their event; to draw attention to your side of the story; to capitalize on your target’s media presence; to reframe an issue; to be a jackass.

Nonviolent search and seizure

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Does the government or a polluting corporation have hidden documents or secret plans? Liberate them!


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To hold public space; to pressure a target; to reclaim or squat property; to defend against “development”; to assert Indigenous sovereignty.

Prefigurative intervention

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To give a glimpse of the Utopia we’re working for; to show how the world could be; to make such a world feel not just possible, but irresistible.

Public filibuster

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Interrupting or shutting down a hearing or government vote.

Strategic nonviolence

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To create a framework for broad-based direct action conducive to building large, inclusive, diverse and effective movements.


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To link disparate locations that seek to have impact on a common issue; to model alternative community; to demonstrate commitment to a cause through endurance; to physically embody a pathway to an alternative.

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