Important Societal Conversations

The Transhumanist Promise: Happiness You Cannot Refuse?

evolution-header-940x3501-930x350I believe this is an important conversation to engage in, societally. Many intellectual and tech savvy mellinials are actively pursuing this line of inquiry, particularly the AI movement. Evaluating the known and unknown consequences of building transhumanist society is an important step for our Community to engage in. At this point I sit on the fence seeing the potential goodness and disaster that could result from human techno tinkering. Engaging inquiry is healthy for our society en toto. May the chip be with you…..

L.M. Sacasas

Transhumanism, a diverse movement aimed at transcending our present human limitations, continues to gravitate away from the fringes of public discussion toward the mainstream. It is an idea that, to many people, is starting to sound less like a wildly unrealistic science-fiction concept and more like a vaguely plausible future. I imagine that as the prospect of a transhumanist future begins to take on the air of plausibility, it will both exhilarate and mortify in roughly equal measure.

Recently, Jamie Bartlett wrote a short profile of the transhumanist project near the conclusion of which he observed, “Sometimes Tranhumanism [sic] does feel a bit like modern religion for an individualistic, technology-obsessed age.” As I read that line, I thought to myself, “Sometimes?”

To be fair, many transhumanist would be quick to flash their secular bona fides, but it is not too much of a stretch to say that the transhumanist movement traffics in the religious…

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