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Looking for an Elf??? Solar, Plug-in & Human Powered 3 wheeler

Okay you have to admit this little covered electric bike vehicle is sooooooo cool.   I can definitely see cruisin’ up and down our rural valley secondary roads, running town errands, visiting friends, taking a quick trip down to the Carlton swimming hole, etc.   The price is still a bit much for our simplified lifestyle, approximately $5000, but think of the money it could save you each month.     No more gasoline purchases for local transportation, exercise when you want and electric power when you need that extra help up the hill.   And the incremental spring, summer, and fall weather is not as daunting as when you are on a bike with no ‘body’ covering,  oh yes I forgot to mention it also includes a built in solar panel on the roof for recharging when you are not in a hurry and the sun is shining!!!   I love this!!!

Check out this video from Quest on KQED, a PBS station.




Features and options

mango elf Features and options

Sturdy Trylon™ Shell

The ELF body is made from a rugged ABS composite that protects you from the elements and helps you stand out in traffic. The basic ELF comes in Arctic White.

the elf white 300x194 Features and options


Upgrade: Stand out from the crowd in Titanium, Wasabi, or Mango for (+$125).elf titanium 300x200 Features and options

elf wasabi 300x202 Features and optionself mango 300x218 Features and options

Carbon fiber panels

Upgrade: Carbon fiber panels on the front and rear add a touch of style and luxury while reducing vehicle weight and adding strength.

Quieter, too! (+$500)



Carbon ELF panel 300x224 Features and options


Generous Rear Storage Compartment

Every ELF features an enclosed cargo compartment with a locking lid where you can stash your briefcase, your groceries, or whatever else you need to carry.

 Features and options  Features and options

A reinforced trunk lid

Upgrade: A reinforced trunk lid and bulkhead increase your carrying capacity. Add textured ABS plastic for a tough surface that makes your rear platform more rigid and resists scratches and marks (+$235)

 Features and options  Features and options

Bamboo Cargo Shelves

Upgrade: Bamboo cargo shelves and cargo nets add even more space for your gear (+$150/set of two)

 Features and options

A dual layer ABS

Upgrade: A heavy duty front dash complete the look and add space for your lightweight gear. (+$310)

 Features and options



The ELF comes standard with 26 x 1.9″ Continental Town & Country tires on the front and a 26 x 2.35″ Kenda Kiniption out back.

The standard 26” front wheels feature 36 spoke downhill rims with 20mm thru axle hubs. Built in the USA.

 Features and options


The standard rear tire is the Kenda Kiniption. A rugged 26 x 2.3″ urban tire. 840 gramsKiniption 300x91 Features and options

Maxxis Hookworm high volume

Upgrade: The Maxxis Hookworm high volume, high durability rear tire smoothes your ride and reduces your risk of puncture. (+$35)

 Features and options

Fat Tire Option

Upgrade: Wider 24″ x 3.0″tires and Disc specific 24″ black anodized wheels up front will smooth out rougher roads for a quieter and more comfortable ride. One of our most popular upgrades. The larger volume tires have slightly more rolling resistance, but what a difference! (+$100 option/$329 retrofit)


Internally geared hub

The ELF comes standard with a 3-speed internal hub. Internal gears offer two huge advantages over traditional derailleurs. For one, all the parts are sealed inside where dirt and grime can’t get at them. Second, you can actually shift gears when stationary. Ever been at a stop light and realized you were in the wrong gear to get rolling again? No problem. Need a wider gear range? Check out our infinitely variable Nuvinci 360 optional rear hub.

 Features and options  Features and options

Fallbrook NuVinci n360 hub

Upgrade: The Fallbrook NuVinci n360 hub extends your range and helps you find your sweet spot. This continuously variable transmission offers a 360% gear range and is perfect for those with light loads and long commutes. (+$485)

 Features and options

 Features and options


Solar Panel

The ELF’s built in 60W solar panel liberates you from the grid by trickle charging your battery whenever the sun is shining.


Removable Battery

The ELF is powered by a 10Ah 48V LiFePO4 battery that can be charged in the vehicle using the rooftop solar panel or can be easily removed and plugged into a wall charger (included). Each battery can be recharged up to 2000 times.


Trusted components

The ELF uses Race Face Ride cranks, Avid disc brakes, and other bike components that meet and exceed industry standards for reliability and quality.


Safety and Visibility

LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signals increase your visibility on the road and signal your intent to other vehicles. Adjustable side and rearview mirrors allow you to keep your eye on surrounding traffic.


Comfortable seat

The lightweight, high back seat with lumbar support slides forwards and backwards on the rails to comfortably accommodate riders between 5’ and 6’9”. The breathable mesh seat also features two incline settings and can be tipped forward to allow easy access to the battery compartment.

 Features and options


Dual Disc Brakes

AVID disc brakes on the front tires and a caliper brake on the rear give the ELF reliable stopping power. Activating the disc brakes also illuminates LED brake lights on the rear to improve communication with other drivers on the road.036 300x225 Features and options



ELF Security Cover

Protect your ELF with this custom cover made from water repellant ripstop nylon to keep your ELF clean, dry, and free from intruders. The clear window allows the solar panel to function with the cover in place. The cover has a buckle and zipper closure, and reinforced openings for a cable lock on the rear tire. Available in Forest Green ($450)

 Features and options

Extra Battery

Extend your range with a second battery. The ELF is built to accommodate two, so go for it! (+$600)

chaerger option1 img1 300x161 Features and options

Super charger

Fully recharge your battery in under an hour using a 15A super charger (+$150)

019 300x225 Features and options


We offer 100% organic cotton t-shirts featuring either the OT logo or the ELF in ¾ profile. Available in assorted sizes and colors. $20 plus $5 shipping (additional shipping charges apply on international orders)

Baseball hats

100% Organic cotton adjustable baseball hats with the OT logo on the front. Available in navy with red logo, grey with mango logo, or green with dark green logo. $20 plus $5 shipping (additional shipping charges apply on international orders)


  • Equivalent of 1,800 MPG
  • Total weight 150 lbs
  • Payload 350 lbs
  • Electric motor 600 Watts
  • Speed 20 mph
  • Electric range 14+ miles
  • Charge via outlet 1 1/2 hours
  • Charge via sunlight ~ 7 hours

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