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Youth Fighting for the Survival of their Generation

I am so inspired to find this beautiful and active group of young people and their mentors working together for our planets’ health and sustainability.   They are part of the vast and growing web of caring humans, reaching out and gathering strength and power through partnering with their allies all over the world.   Loving and caring for the health of this planet and all the species, including our own, who share it, is the responsibility of each of us.   It is not okay to let corporations and individuals destroy what truly belongs to all beings living today and future generations for something as valueless and corrupt as our current monetary system, money which finds it’s way to a very small number of portfolios but diminishes the resources for ALL.   This is not just.   This is not moral.   This is not sustainable.

Thank you Earth Guardians for speaking out and reaching out, let all hands clasp in a circle of love and care for our Mother planet, Earth.     Namaste

Photo: Hey everybody, we are launching our "Protect Our Future" campaign where people all over the world can collaborate on projects to "Protect Our Future" each season of the year!!!! We are inviting all of our Earth Guardian crews around the world and individuals to join us in a symbolic ceremony by planting trees simultaneously around the planet on April 19th! </p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Please add your name and your contact to the comment field if would would like to join us on April 19th to plant a tree in your community or yard, so we can link up our movement and show the world Earth Guardians are connecting and working together as examples of what it means to care for and respect the Earth! Check out the flyer below. The sign up for this collaborative event will be on our website by Monday, for now leave your name and contact here if you are interested in joining the "Protect Our Future" movement! United together we can change the direction we are headed towards a sustainable, just, peaceful world! Let's do IT! Peace! Xiuhtezcatl

Earth Guardians indigogo

originally posted on Earth Guardians FBpage:

IF we look at the reports that have come out from the United Nations and read the articles that have been consistently published in the Huffington Post, EcoWatch and so many other credible sources, we might stop and wonder how we can continue to act like life is moving forward in a normal, healthy way. Do people realize we are in a place where the world is collapsing around us. Where eco systems are in danger, where our oceans are in danger, our forests, our food supplies, our families.

We need to change the fundamental way that we live upon the Earth and quit depending on importing the goods we think will make us happy from half way around the planet. The problem is so huge that it is overwhelming and that is why most people turn away, but it is time to turn towards each other and the solutions that are going to change the way that we all live here and relate to each other on this planet.

In order to survive this impending crisis that we have created because of our disconnection with ourselves and our earth we are going to have to turn inside heal ourselves and then create ways where we can sustain ourselves in the communities we live in. Can you imagine growing a garden with your neighbor, having a green house at the end of your block that the whole neighborhood plants and cares for together. Sharing resources, trading goods?

If we don’t’ become self sufficient for our power, our food and our water within the places we live in our communities, there is going to be a lot suffering for many people on this planet as extreme weather continues to batter the earth and glaciers continue to melt at unprecedented rates and carbon in our atmosphere continues to rise, and our oceans continue to acidify and species continue to disappear. It is time to change the way we are relating with not only each other but with our life giving Earth!

As my very wise grandfather always says – come unity!!!! community COME!


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