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One man, 30,000 trees planted and growing

This is a beautiful video which I found posted on the Pachamama blog.   One man in Peru 20 years ago, realized that the way his community was cutting down the forest to farm for a couple years, then move on to a new plot and repeat the process, was unsustainable.   So he decided to begin growing trees from seeds and replanting the forest.   Along that path he figured out how to farm sustainably.   Now he shares his knowledge, and seedlings with other communities, passing along his knowledge and hopeful that his grandchildren will be able to enjoy the shade of the trees he plants today.   What a gift this gentle man is for all of us.   A planet healing hero.   Filled with gratitude………

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Watch Reynaldo’s video:

Meet Reynaldo Ochoa.Over the last twenty years, he has planted over 30,000 trees in the Manu region of Peru in an effort to regenerate the rainforest.His is an inspiring story of how one man’s actions can transform the world through learning, teaching, taking action, and living in harmony with the natural environment.Join us in honoring Reynaldo, Rainforest Hero, and the Crees Foundation, who are paving the way for a more just and sustainable future.Did you enjoy this story? Please consider sharing it with your community:


P.S. It helps spread the word about our critical work in the world.

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