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How to Raise Socially Minded Children (Marketers should be eavesdropping)

This is a wonderful article on raising our children with a social and environment awareness. Lot’s of informative links and resources, one which particularly looks great and I am ordering from the library is by Sara Gilbert’s, The Imperfect Environmentalist.

Socially Minded Marketing

Photo provided by Boys&Girls. Order organic, non-gender specific clothes from Photo provided by Boys&Girls. Order organic, non-gender-specific clothes from

Although most of my articles on are written for marketing professionals about emerging trends and issues in marketing, my passion for socially minded consumerism is the underlying theme for this site and what drives all of the posts.  Therefore, instead of writing this article from the perspective of a marketer wanting to help socially minded organizations, it is high time for me to post from my view-point as a parent, who is bent on raising socially minded children.

So, if you are a marketer of a socially minded organization and want insight into what motivates your customers and/or donors, or if you are parent who wants some advice from a developmental psychologist on how to raise your children in a way that makes them aware of the social impact of their purchases…read on.

****An important note about what…

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