Welcome to the Highest Good News

Children are our common future

Children are our common future

If you have found yourself here at the home of Highest Good News you are a member of the human tribe of visionaries seeking out solutions and infinite possibilities for our common good.   When we look at the fabric of human society today there is an abundance of fear based sensationalism which dominates the 24/7 news cycles and standard media portals.   That is not what you will find at this location.

The focus here is Good News.   Stories which inspire.   Stories of individual and community heroes.   Stories of our brothers and sisters focusing on solving our common societal challenges.    If you know of activities in your community which are altruistic and inspiring, and you think valuable to share, this is the place.   We welcome partnering with our natural allies, those of you out there who can see that focusing on solutions of caring for each other and our biosphere will create the possibility of a positive common future.

This is a new experience for me, blogging, and I am an elder with digital challenges, so my hope is that you can be patient with the learning curve of generating engaging and technically competent content and links.   Feel free to comment and make suggestions for stories and links which are working for our Highest Good.

May joy and blessings come your way,     Sister Michelle


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